How Much Does Starbucks Pay?

Do you love sipping on a deliciously refreshing frothy Starbucks coffee?  Perhaps you’re passionate about drinking a flavoursome Starbucks cold-brew?  Do you like working with fun people as well as the general public and serving people with their daily Latte?  Then maybe you’ve thought about working for a company like Starbucks Coffee but how much does Starbucks pay?  This globally recognized company is generally reputable and well-known by almost every person living on the planet, but is it worth your while applying for that job you’ve seen advertised?  We’ll look at this question in more detail.

Starbucks is Currently Severely Understaffed

As the company is understaffed, there’s a good chance of getting a position. So, what does Starbucks pay its employees, and should you go for that barista job at the famous coffee bar?  Unfortunately, while there are many great benefits to working for Starbucks (not to mention free coffee), the company has been seen frequently in the news lately for being notoriously low payers and as a result, you may be seeing lots of employee advertisements because they are severely understaffed.  However, things are changing.

Raising the Pay Levels

Due to the Starbucks’ labor shortage in the USA and to respond to that shortage, the company has announced that its raised its average pay to $15 per hour.  This amount will move to $17 an hour from the summer of 2022 (more here:  Baristas will earn from $15 to $23 per hour (depending on the market and state) and from January 2022, Starbucks’ employees with 2 years plus service may receive a 5% raise (maximum amount) and those with 5 years plus experience could get as much as 10% pay rise.

How much Does Starbucks Pay? Investing in Training

how much does starbucks pay
How much Does Starbucks Pay? Investing in Training

Starbucks, along with other large corporations, was put under immense pressure recently, for underpaying their staff.  The pay rise mentioned above will hopefully make them a more attractive prospect for people seeking employment in the food and beverage sector.  As well as increasing their salaries, the company has also announced that it will be investing more money in training its staff, redesigning its “Barista Basics” training.  Additionally, the company will offer a $200 referral bonus to recruiters for staff placement to ramp up its hiring campaign.

The Pressure for Unionization

It’s worth mentioning that the company is being pressurized to unionize by a few Starbucks cafés in New York.  The employees wish to unionize to focus on issues including understaffing and salary differentials.

Different Locations = Different Salaries

How much does Starbucks pay? There is a pay differential depending on location, as an example, if you want to know how much does Starbucks pay in California? The answer to that is around $14.17 (this equates to around 17% more than the national salary average).  Whereas in New York, a Starbucks’ employee can take home $13.65, less than in California but still 13% more than the national salary average. 

However, with the good news that Starbucks is raising its salaries – the only way is up, so go ahead and apply for that job with the knowledge that you’ll learn so much in the coffee industry and you will definitely earn more money come the summer of 2022.

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